CNG Filling Station Installation

We are experts in compressed natural gas installations.

cng filling station design


Our design team can guide you through all the requirements and guidelines.
cng filling station fabrication


Our team can custom fabricate your installation to specification.
cng filling station fabrication


We can construct your CNG station.

DeFabCo provides high performance CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling station installation. Our staff is available to work closely with your team throughout the entire project – from design and manufacturing through commissioning – to ensure that your installation meets all necessary safety and industry regulations.

We will work with you to determine the most effective configuration based on the types of vehicles you will be fueling and the volume of fueling required. When designing your fueling station, our engineers will consider the capacity you require, the number and type of fuel dispensers, the fuel storage needed, and the expected fueling schedule. They will utilize the latest technologies for safely and efficiently dispensing fuels.

DeFabCo’s team will fabricate the equipment required based on your design, ensuring that all engineering requirements, safety features, and regulatory requirements are met. We will work with you to coordinate permitting and approvals. Our experienced team will install the equipment on site.

We offer turnkey project management services so that your project is managed by knowledgeable, experienced technicians and fabricators. We will coordinate with all contractors, regulators, and local governments to make sure that all necessary certifications and permits are obtained and regulations are met.

Contact us today to see how we can manage  your CNG filling station installation.

There are four basic configurations of CNG stations:

  • Cascade Fast-Fill
  • Time-Fill
  • Buffer Fast-Fill
  • Combination-Fill